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EUB Liturgy

Major Revisions of the General Services of the Church

Baptism, Lord's Supper, Marriage, Burial, and the Ordinal within the Evangelical United Brethren Church Tradition 

by Kenneth Rowe, Ph.D.

Evangelical Association/Church

1817 First "Forms" for Baptism & Lord's Supper
1880 Text revised
1897 First "Directions for Public Worship"
1900 Text revised
1901 Rituals of Evangelical Association
1921 First "Order of Worship" in Hymnal

Church of the United Brethren in Christ

1893 First "formulas" for Baptism & Lord's Supper
1894 Text revised
1897 Text revised
1911 Pastor's Companion
1914 First "Order of Worship" in new Hymnal
1933 Text revised
1935 Hymnal with three "Orders of Worship" Pastor's Companion
1945 Text revised

Evangelical United Brethren Church

1947 Text revised
1952 Book of Ritual
1955 Book of Ritual
1957 Two "Orders of Worship" in new Hymnal
1959 Book of Ritual