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Leader Bio

A Summer Breeze
United Methodists enjoyed  vacations 100 years ago.

Kathryn Grove, 1914-1989
Kathryn Grove becomes first women to be elected to Judicial Council.

Harry Hosier, c.1750-1806
Hosier became famous as a traveling evangelist

Lucy Rider Meyer, 1849-1922
Director of the deaconess program in the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Paula Mojzes, 1906-1970
The First Female District Superintendent in The Methodist Church - 1955.

John Mott, 1865-1955
Leader in the missionary and ecumenical movements of the 20th century

Anna Oliver, 1849-1892
Brought the first test case on the ordination of women before the 1880 General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

Phoebe Palmer, 1807-1874
Leader in the American Holiness movement.

Lydia Sexton, 1799-1894
The First Woman to be Voted Recommendation as a Pulpit Speaker by the General Conference of The United Brethren Church

Margaret Newton Van Cott, 1813-1914
The First Woman to be Licensed to Preach in The Methodist Episcopal Church - 1869.

Frances Willard, 1839-1898
American temperance leader and reformer, well-known lecturer, writer, and educator.