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Guidelines for Publication


The Editorial Board is interested in articles pertaining to the history of The United Methodist Church and its antecedent bodies. Articles on the history of other denominations and subjects will be considered when there are strong ties to events and persons significant to the history of the United Methodist tradition.

The Board prefers articles based on primary sources for subjects that have not been previously researched, or a fresh approach to subjects already treated in other places. Materials primarily genealogical are not accepted. Manuscripts pertaining to strictly local, as opposed to national or international interest, are not accepted.

All copy, excluding footnotes, must be typed with double-spacing. Pages must be numbered consecutively and quotations over eight lines in length should be indented. Each author is advised to keep a copy of the manuscript in addition to the one submitted.

The length of the manuscript should not exceed 20 pages or 5,000 words. Only in very unusual cases will a longer manuscript be considered for publication. Methodist History strives for consistency within each article and would like to produce a greater consistency throughout the entire publication. All documentation is to be in the form of footnotes rather than endnotes. Manuscripts with endnotes will be returned to the author. It is required that the author(s) follow the Fifth Edition of Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (The University of Chicago Press) for footnote form, capitalization, punctuation, etc. It is expected that authors will not use Ibid., Op.cit., “p.” or “pp.” in documentation. Dates are to be cited in the order of month, day, year (for example, June 3, 1895).

Each author is responsible for checking the necessity, accuracy and clarity of the footnotes. Authors are to do everything possible to insure the completeness and precision of the documentation!

The manuscript is to be submitted as an email attachment in Word or Word Perfect to

It is not requested for you to send a paper copy or a CD.

A brief vita (including present position and location) and a current mailing address are to be included with the manuscript submission.

(Methodist History does not publish unsolicited book reviews.)