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Manual for Annual Conference Commission on Archives & History


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 We are pleased to offer the sixth edition of this Manual for the Annual Conference Commission on Archives and History. The Book of Discipline lists the commission's responsibilities, and this manual is a resource to assist the commission in fulfilling those duties. 

In addition to fulfilling basic administrative responsibilities, we hope that each commission will actively recover, study, interpret, and celebrate our shared heritage. Local churches, the Annual Conference, and the general public are depending on you to meet their needs. This manual offers general guidance that we hope will help you do just that. Of course, each situation is different, and the suggestions offered here are intended to be neither limiting nor exhaustive.

The specific disciplinary provisions for the Annual Conference Commission on Archives and History are listed on the inside front cover. Please read these paragraphs carefully. They describe your duties and give you the authority to proceed with your work.

As you begin your work, remember:

The staff of the General Commission on Archives and History is prepared to assist you upon request. Write or call us.

Ashley Boggan Dreff, General Secretary
Mark Shenise, Associate Archivist

General Commission on Archives and History
P.O. Box 127, 36 Madison Avenue
Madison, NJ 07940
(973) 408-3189; FAX (973) 408-3909; E-mail:


Paragraph 641.1-4, The Book of Discipline

The Annual Conference Commission on Archives and History

Agenda for Meetings

The Conference Archives

Developing an Archival Program
Policies and Forms
The Archival Facility
Records Management
Library Guidelines
Oral History

Working with...

The Public

The Local Church
The Annual Conference
History at the Annual Conference Session

Memoirs in the Conference Journal
Writing an Annual Conference History
Records of Closed Churches
The Jurisdiction
The General Commission

Other Historical Agencies
Bylaws for a Conference Historical Society


The Historic Places of United Methodism
Historic Sites
Heritage Landmarks
Governmental Landmarking of Heritage Sites
Heritage Sunday