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We promote our heritage

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to actively promote the rich and diverse heritage of The United Methodist Church. Our dedicated team engages in a wide array of activities designed to bring the church’s history to life for a diverse audience.

Research and Education: We provide comprehensive research assistance, catering to inquiries from scholars, church members, and the general public. Our expertise extends to an array of topics related to the United Methodist Church and its historical significance.

Engaging Platforms: Our outreach includes speaking engagements at various religious and academic forums. We also host webinars and online courses to offer deeper insights into the United Methodist heritage. These platforms are designed to be accessible to everyone from church members in the pews to theological scholars in the seminaries.

Innovative Media: To reach a wider audience, we have embraced modern media. Our podcasts and digital resources offer engaging ways to explore our church’s history and teachings, making them easily accessible for the digital age.

Resource Hub: Our website is a treasure trove of resources. The online courses, news updates, and specially curated content under our ‘Resources’ tab provide invaluable insights into the United Methodist heritage.

Visit our Resources, Online Courses, and News tabs to discover more about what it means to be United Methodist and to deepen your understanding of our church’s history and teachings.

We preserve our heritage

Our commitment to preserving the heritage of The United Methodist Church is unwavering. We are the custodians of a vast collection of historical documents and artifacts, diligently safeguarding them for future generations.

Extensive Archives: Our facilities boast over six miles of linear shelving, home to a vast collection of documents that form the backbone of our connectional history. These archives provide an invaluable resource for researchers and historians.

Digital Vault: Recognizing the importance of modern technology in preservation, we maintain a state-of-the-art digital vault. This vault is not just a storage space but a dynamic repository, continuously updated with digitized records and documents.

Artifacts Vault: Alongside our document archives, we care for an extensive collection of artifacts that bring our history to life. From historical documents to religious artifacts, each item is a window into our past.

Growing Digital Exhibit: Our digital archive/exhibit is an ever-expanding project, showcasing the rich history of The United Methodist Church through interactive and accessible online formats.

Explore our History and Research tabs to delve into the depths of our church’s past and discover the treasures preserved in our archives.