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“Heritage Sunday shall be observed on Aldersgate Day (May 24), or the Sunday preceding that date. The day provides an opportunity for reflection on heritage, celebration of where the Church has been, how it understands itself as it shapes us today, and the meaning of Christian conferencing. Heritage Sunday calls the Church to remember the past by committing itself to the continuing call of God.”
from 264.1, The Book of Discipline

Heritage Sunday 2020 was to focus on highly anticipated divisions to our beloved Church post General Conference 2020 in Minneapolis, giving consideration to what our history might offer to “just such a time as this.” The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed the special Sunday’s context but not how the denomination’s legacy will inspire, support and serve the Church in a different, now pandemic-driven “new normal” we did not expect. 

The next few years of the UMC’s life will be both challenging and formative.  What insight does our shared history offer to United Methodists thoughts and feelings at “just such a time as this?”  What stories do we need to remember and retell?  What lessons may be learned from the church’s actions in past pandemics?

If your church marks Heritage Sunday, this year can bear a message from our past to shape the future like no other. If you church does NOT mark Heritage Sunday, this is the year to start.

Finally, we want to give special thanks to United Methodist Communications and the General Board of Discipleship for their partnership in the creation of these resources.


Heritage Sunday Worship Resources
Heritage Sunday Sermon: “The Power of Through” 
Heritage Sunday Preaching Notes
Heritage Sunday Power Point 
Heritage Sunday Order of Service (Cynthia Wilson, Discipleship Ministries)
Heritage Sunday Order of Service – Brief (Alfred Day, GCAH)
Heritage Sunday Order of Worship Copyrights and Permissions


Virtual Choir (YouTube)
Virutal Choir (Download Available)
Heritage Sunday Sermon – Complete version, pulpit setting
Heritage Sunday Sermon – Informal version, relaxed setting