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On-Line Resources

Read, listen or view historical sources on-line. Some of these will require a broadband connection. Over the next few months this section will grow.

 GCAH Digital Archives

Search full text publications such as Methodist History and conference newsletters.

GCAH Digital Galleries

The Digital Gallery contains a series series of scans from various Mission Scrapbooks, rich in diverse images, and are showcased on the digital gallery platform, Omeka. These scrapbooks provide an in-depth visual narrative of various missions, enhancing their historical understanding.

 UM Historical Media Project

Listen or view programs. These are currently only radio programs, but look for photographs and movies/TV programs in the future. Currently in the system: Night Call and Talk Back

 United Methodist News Archives

Search and read UM News news releases from 2003 to 2013.

General Conference Archives

Review the work of the following General Conferences of The United Methodist Church.

1996 General Conference 

2000 General Conference

2004 General Conference

2008 General Conference

2012 General Conference

2016 General Conference

2019 General Conference

Click here to view a finding aid describing other General Conference Records (1900-2008)

Drew University Methodist Library

Review the combined print holdings of Drew University’s Methodist Library and the General Commission on Archives and History.

Descriptions of the Material at the UM Archives and History Center

These inventories (also called finding aids) contain detailed descriptions of the archival research material at the General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church.

Index to the Conference Journal Memoirs

This is an index to the memoirs and rolls of the dead found in the annual conference journals held in the GCAH collections. 

The United Methodist Archives Connection

The United Methodist Archives Connection allows you to search for records across the various United Methodist Annual Conference Archives. 

African American United Methodist History

Resources on African American United Methodist History at the Archives