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United Methodist Studies: Basic Bibliographies 6th Edition – 2014
Comprehensive bibliographic list on United Methodist history, doctrine and polity.  Suitable for seminarians.

Seventh edition expected in 2024.

Women in the Wesleyan and United Methodist Traditions: A Bibliography

War and Peace in the United Methodist Tradition – A Bibliography

GCAH Microfilm – CD Catalog: 2004 

List of United Methodist Serials
Comprehensive list of serial publications (newspapers, journals, etc.) in the United Methodist tradition

A Reading and Resource List

The following list is only representative of the resources available to you. Be sure to contact the agencies listed in this Directory for price information and an up-to-date list of their publications and resources.

Some of these publications are now out of print, but may be obtained in your church or public library or in a nearby seminary library. Note: Abingdon Press books are available from Cokesbury. Contact information for purchasing publications may be linked through the General Commission on Archives and History and the American Association of State and Local History. Click here to contact Discipleship Resources.

  • Biographical Pamphlets [a series of pocket-sized, brief biographies of major figures in the United Methodist tradition: John Wesley, Susanna Wesley, Charles Wesley, Thomas Coke, Francis Asbury, Jacob Albright, Philip William Otterbein, Richard Allen, and Frances E. Willard] (General Commission on Archives and History)
  • Church Historian: Remembering the Past and Inspiring the Future (Cokesbury)Memory and Ministry: Caring for your Church’s Heritage; A 30 Minute Video (EcuFilm)
  • J. Jefferson Cleveland and Verolga Nix, editors, Songs of Zion (Abingdon Press)
  • Justo Gonzalez, editor, Each in Our Own Tongue: A History of Hispanic United Methodism (Abingdon Press)
  • Artemio Guillermo, editor, Churches Aflame: Asian Americans and United Methodism (Abingdon Press)
  • Historical Statement of The United Methodist Church (
  • Hymns from the Four Winds: A Collection of Asian American Hymns (Abingdon Press)
  • William B. McClain, Come Sunday: The Liturgy of Zion: A Companion to the Songs of Zion (Abingdon Press)
  • John G. McEllhenney, editor, United Methodism in America: A Compact History (Abingdon Press)
  • Frederick E. Maser, How to Write a Local Church History (General Commission on Archives and History)
  • The Native American Hymnal and Worship Resource Committee [Marilyn F. Hofstra, Project Director], Voices: Native American Hymns and Worship Resources (Discipleship Resources)
  • Homer Noley, First White Frost: Native Americans and United Methodism (Abingdon Press)
  • Kenneth E. Rowe, United Methodist Studies: Basic Bibliographies (Abingdon Press)
  • Diana Sanchez, editor, The Hymns of the United Methodist Hymnal: Introduction to the Hymns, Canticles, and Acts of Worship (Abingdon Press)
  • Grant S. Shockley, editor, Heritage and Hope: The African American Presence in United Methodism (Abingdon Press)
  • Telling Their Stories: The History of Women in the Local Church; a resource packet (General Commission on Archives and History)
  • The United Methodist Book of Worship (available from Cokesbury)
  • The United Methodist Hymnal (available from Cokesbury)
  • James P. Wind, Places of Worship; Exploring Their History (American Association for State and Local History)
  • Carlton R. Young, Companion to the United Methodist Hymnal (Abingdon Press)
  • Charles Yrigoyen, Jr., John Wesley: Holiness of Heart and Life (study book format; Abingdon Press)