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UM History Hub

GCAH is proud to now offer online courses. Engage with Archives and History, zoom-in on primary documents of our past, learn from Methodist scholars, and walk this journey alongside other United Methodists through our U.M. History Hub.

Current offerings include:
“Splits, Separations, and Reconciliations: Rooted in Wesleyan Grace”
“Local Church Historians’ School”
“Wesley Workshop” (designed for ages 12-18)

In the works:
“United Methodist History: An Introduction or Refresher” (2 hour)
“Deep Dive into United Methodist History” (10 hour)
“Expanding the Narrative” (15 hour)

We are continually producing new courses, so be sure to join the U.M. History Hub to stay up-to-date.

Un-Tied Methodism

Why do Methodists use Welch’s grape juice for communion? What is with the cross and flame logo? Explore these questions and more as we examine the roots of The United Methodist Church (and its predecessor denominations) to understand why The UMC is the way that it is –– and where it might be going.

Dr. Ashley Boggan, General Secretary for Archives and History hosts the “Un-Tied Methodism” podcast.

Listen and subscribe to “Un-Tied Methodism” wherever you listen to podcasts.

Highlighted Histories

Methodists have been known for their radical embrace of God’s love for all. However, we acknowledge that we have not always lived well into that call. Here you can find research guides, resources, biographies, bibliographies, photographs, and collections of voices that have traditionally been silenced and are now being uplifted. Our guides currently include LGBTQ+ Histories, African American Histories, and Women’s Histories, with more in production

LGBTQIA+ Histories

Methodists were one of the earliest Protestant denominations to support the gay rights movement of the 1960s –– but this support did not last long. After a 1972 clause was entered into its book of law, The Book of Discipline, some United Methodists began to discriminate against LGBTQ+ persons in terms of marriage and ordination rights. Despite this fact, LGBTQ+ identifying persons have remained United Methodist and have contributed to the prophetic witness of United Methodism in the world. Here are their stories.

Heritage Landmarks and Historic Sites

Traveling for work or play and want to learn more about Methodist history at your destination? Trying to find out when, how and why Methodism came to your area? Use these resources to help you learn about the historic sites, Heritage Landmarks, and other geographical moments of Methodism in your current location or next destination.