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One of the First Two Chinese Women (see also Mamie Ming Yan Ko) to be Received into Full Connection in The United Methodist Church.

Mochie Lam was born November 11, 1939, in Hong Kong.

“I heard the call in 1959 in Hong Kong and completed seminary in 1964 in Singapore. I served five years in Hong Kong as an associate and also as pastor. I served as a volunteer with the Ecumenical Institute for ten years.”

“I came to the United States in 1972 and am grateful for the openness of the UMC. It accepted me as a foreign-trained pastor and later ordained and received me as a full member of the  California-Nevada annual conference in 1982. During the twenty-five years of my ministry in the California-Nevada Conference, I have served three times as an associate pastor, and three times as pastor for bilingual, English, and Chinese congregations, in urban, suburban, rural, large, and small congregations. I love every one of them. They nurtured and challenged me to grow as the person I am today. It was interesting, enriching, and fulfilling. Each day I experienced the love and grace of God anew. It was a great ministry.”

Although Mochi is retired, she is currently serving as a mission volunteer in Yunnan, China, through World Vision International. Along with Mamie Ko in the California-Pacific Conference, Moch Lam is one of the first two Chinese women to be received into full connection in the UMC.