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See The Book of Discipline, 641.2, for enabling legislation.

Article I. NAME

The name of this organization shall be the [ ] Conference United Methodist Historical Society, hereinafter called “Society.”


The Society is formed for the following purposes:1. To work with the Annual Conference Commission on Archives and History in the collection and preservation of materials related to the history of The United Methodist Church and its antecedents.2. To promote research, writing, and publication in the field.3. To locate and support the preservation of appropriate sites of historical interest within the conference.4. To develop interest in United Methodist history and skills for pursuing it among local church historians and others.5. To develop and promote observances of historical anniversaries and other events of interest.6. To engage in such other activities as shall be deemed proper.


The Society shall associate itself in cooperative ways with the Annual Conference Commission on Archives and History, as well as the Jurisdictional and General Commissions on Archives and History, and the Historical Society of The United Methodist Church.

Membership in the Society shall be based upon payment of annual dues and shall be derived from the following sources:1. Members of the Commission on Archives and History.2. Bishops, superintendents, and other staff persons related to the Annual Conference.3. Members and friends of the conference sympathetic to the purposes of the Society.4. Persons, who, by vote of the membership, may be elected to honorary membership without payment of dues.


The Society shall meet at least annually at such time and place as it shall determine. Special meetings may be held at the call of the president. Members present shall constitute a quorum.


The Society shall elect the following officers at the regular annual meeting who shall serve until their successors are elected: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers, plus the chairperson of the conference Commission on Archives and History. The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the president of the Society, or any two other officers.


Section 1. Management of the Society shall be vested in the Executive Committee.Section 2. The operating budget of the Society shall be proposed by the Executive Committee at the annual meeting for approval, together with a recommendation of the amount of annual dues.Section 3. The Executive Committee shall name a committee of three persons to prepare nominations for all elective offices to be acted upon at the annual meeting.Section 4. The Executive Committee shall regulate its own meetings, temporarily fill vacancies and prescribe the various duties of the officers of the Society.Section 5. Annual meetings and other events of the Society shall be held at an appropriate time and place agreed upon by the Executive Committee.Section 6. All materials collected, unless otherwise stipulated, shall become the property of the conference Commission on Archives and History and be placed under the charge of the custodian in the Annual Conference depository.Section 7. The Society shall be amenable to the Commission on Archives and History of the Annual Conference in all matters relating to its organization and operation.


The bylaws shall be approved by the Society and may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the membership present and voting at a properly called meeting, providing that such proposed amendments are circulated to the membership not less than two weeks prior to the meeting.


Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall apply in all circumstances where it is not in conflict with The Book of Discipline, actions of the Annual Conference, or these bylaws.