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There are as many ways to celebrate heritage as there are people with ideas! As we noted in the Planning Guide, the choices you make will depend on the particular circumstances of your congregation. Since The United Methodist Church is a singing church, we offer here a “songbook” of ideas in all shapes and sizes. Pick and choose what suits your needs, or write your own brand-new “song” for the hymnal!

One added “note”: Be sure to include children and young people in your plans. Children can interview church members for an oral history, decorate the fellowship hall with posters, or recreate a Sunday school class from a century ago. Teens can make a video, participate in discussion groups, or write a play. If some of the younger members learn history’s song, your church’s heritage is safe for the future.


I Love To Tell the Story: Communicating your church’s story

  • The Written Word
  • The Spoken Word
  • The Visible Word

Come, Christians, Join To Sing: Celebrating your heritage with music

  • Words and Music
  • Design a Program
  • Program Ideas

Blest Be the Dear Uniting Love: Honoring your church family

  • Everybody Counts!
  • Honor Special People
  • Reach Out to Others

Be Present At Our Table, Lord: Breaking bread together

  • A Smorgasbord of Ideas
  • Reach Out in Love

In Christ There Is No East or West: Sharing your celebration with others

  • The UMC and You
  • A Fellowship of Believers
  • Neighbors and Friends

Forward Through The Ages: Keeping memories alive

  • Quilts and Banners
  • A Time Capsule
  • Oral History
  • Build the Archives