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A member of the Wyandott nation, this early nineteenth century convert to Methodism was influential in leading many other Wyandotts to Christianity. The quotations are found in James B. Finley, Life among the Indians, (Cincinnati: Methodist Book Concern, 1857). Finley was a missionary to the Wyandotts. He did not speak their language, and some allowance must be made for Finley’s interpretation of Between-the-Logs’ words. However, Finley’s writings are our best source for this Methodist preacher.

“The wicked that do not like Jesus, raise up their hands, and do all they can to discourage and destroy the love of the little handful; and with their hands they cover over the roots of wickedness. But, brothers, they may do all they can to stop it – the work will go on and prosper, for the great God Almighty holds it up with his hand.”From address to the Ohio Annual Conference, August 1822 (p.319)

“I thought it was my duty to come and show you this rich treasure – I mean the religion of Jesus Christ…It has power and strength in it, and it is like the cool spring water to the thirsty traveler. It makes him feel good all over. Especially it affects the heart, and settles it, and gives us a solid peace and comfort.”From a sermon to the Seneca nation, cJuly 1823 (p.340)

“The Lord sent our brother here [James Finley] to be our missionary, and he fed us with meat. Strong words came from him, and I was much stirred up to seek the deep things of which he spoke. At a prayer meeting in our town, God opened my heart to feel his love and power; and it seemed as if it burned in every breast. I could not keep my tongue still. All was changed. I loved all men, and hastened to tell all the world how good the Lord was to me.”From a sermon, c1826 (p.470)

“This Gospel is a spirit of peace. It has made peace between us who were once great enemies, and shed each other’s blood. But the Great Spirit has taken the tomahawk out of our hands, and his love has taken it out of our hearts, and buried it so deep that it will never rise again; and this peace shall go to all people, and it will bury all war, and make all the world love like brothers; for Jesus died himself to make peace.”From a sermon, c1826 (pp.484-485)