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In 1945, Guevera was the Director of Young Adults in the Latin American Provisional Annual Conference of The Methodist Church. This quotation comes from his report to the annual conference that year, and reflects his concerns about ministry with young Hispanic Methodists in the uncertainties of the post-war period. The Latin American Provisional Conference was organized in 1941 from the former Latin American Mission. Conference boundaries extended from southern Arizona to northern California. The Provisional Conference was dissolved in 1956 and members were absorbed into existing annual conferences in their geographical areas.

“In our Conference there is a large group of young adults which needs help, guidance, fellowship, and work, and if we direct them in the right way they are willing to give their talent, mind, heart, and all to God and their fellowman. The Church can give and must give the answer in meeting their needs in this world of war and changes. The Church also challenges young adults, because the Church needs the brave spirit and force of this group.”