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Research Content

A Reading and Resource List

The following list is only representative of the resources available to you. Be sure to contact the agencies listed in this Directory for price information and an up-to-date list of... Read More

Genealogy and Family Research

There are two resources for doing genealogy research on this site: Clergy Information If you have a clergy-person in your family tree we may be able to provide some biographical... Read More


Education is a life-long process. In this section are tools  and resources which can be used by confirmation classes, church members, seminary students and academic researchers. Research Tools Here... Read More

Grants and Awards

Ken E. Rowe Memorial Research Grant for LGBTQ+ Methodist History To provide seed money for research projects relating specifically to LGBTQ+ Methodist history. Racial/Ethnic History Research Grant Awarded for... Read More

Search the Archives

Disclaimer - GCAH did not create the historic documents it archives, and the content of these historic documents do not necessarily reflect or represent the views and opinions of GCAH. ... Read More