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The words of our foremothers and forefathers can inspire and challenge us. They help us understand our heritage. They are words of faith, determination, struggle, and hope.

Use these quotations in bulletins or newsletters… on posters… as sermon illustrations… for private reflection… in study sessions and worship services…

Remember that the persons represented in this booklet were of their own time, not ours. Sometimes their words and phrases make modern readers uncomfortable, but it is important to let these historical figures speak in their own voices.

It is also important to remember that these quotations are a only a sampler. It is impossible to represent fully all the voices in the United Methodist tradition, for we do not have a written record of many persons’ lives and thoughts. We are fortunate, however, that many others have left sermons, letters, and diaries, and their words in Voices From Our Past reflect the richness and diversity of our heritage.